Tiscali and AOL in the ‘hall of shame’ released by Which?

The which.co.uk has criticized the broadband providers like AOL and Tiscali for exerting financial burden on their customers with their costly customer support helplines. The website published the list of more than thirty companies that come under its hall of shame. Other companies which are in the list include British Gas, DVLA, Barclays, TV licensing […]

CLA criticizes Ofcom’s Communication Market Report

William Worsley, Deputy President of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has disagreed with Ofcom’s review of status of broadband uptake in the UK that includes rural and urban areas. The latest Nations & Regions Communications Market Report 2008 has indicated that rural areas in the UK have better broadband access than urban areas. […]

Entanet releases tariff for its ADSL 2+ broadband packages

Entanet has announced its broadband tariff for its high speed ADSL 2+ broadband services to be offered on the platform of BT Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC). All ADSL 2+ broadband packages will offer 24 Mbps download speed, 1.4 Mbps upload speed and unlimited downloads. However, the pricing of the packages varies based on the peak […]

Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards (WBI) 2008 announced

The Wireless Broadband Innovation (WBI) which honour the wireless broadband providers and individuals for their outstanding contribution to wireless internet technology have announced the winners of the WBI awards for 2008. Moovera Networks won Best Wi-fi service for its Moovbox M Series Mobile Broadband Gateway. WBI award for Best Wireless Broadband Mobility Solution went to […]

BT broadband subscriptions touch 4.4 million

BT released its un-audited financial results as of 31st March, 2008 that shows its retail broadband division has gained more than 150,000 customers during the last quarter. Currently, BT Retail has over 4.4 million broadband customers as against 4.25 million by the end of previous quarter. According to the report, there are over 12.7 million […]

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