Online help service for businesses

The winner of ISPA’s Best Business ISP Award, Eclipse Internet provider has introduced a valued added service for its business broadband customers. The online service, “Expert Advice” aims at providing more information on the packages and hosting services via live chat, according to the report. This means, business customers can just visit the website of […]

Vodafone offers the fastest mobile broadband speed

When it comes to fast speeds, mobile broadband is quite lagging behind other technologies. However, the latest mobile technologies like HSDPA (3.5G) can provide speeds above 3 Mbps. With handsets enabled with 3G mobile technology, mobile users can get speeds more than 1 Mbps means they can do most of the internet tasks with ease. […]

BT statement on Home Hub wireless security

Wi-fi theft has been one of the problems that affect wireless broadband customers. Although the wireless routers come with default security key, it takes a little time for the hackers to crack the password and key details. The hackers also operate some dubious sites or send phishing emails that can deceive the users making them […]

BT set to upgrade its Hub wireless router to wi-fi hotspot

BT Total Business broadband announced that its business broadband customers can use their BT Business Hub to get wi-fi access after installing software update in their wireless routers. Accordingly, the customers will get the update soon and use their Business Hub just like a Wi-fi hotspot. However, the customers will be able send and receive […]

Free wireless router offer

BT Total broadband reintroduced its special offer of free BT Home Hub wireless router for its customers who sign up to its Option 1 package. Earlier, the free offer expired by the end of last month, and the ISP started offering its new White Hub router to the new subscribers of Option 1 package for […]

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