BBC iPlayer joins YouTube in top internet traffic list

Once again broadband survey reports show that Video on Demand services (VoD) are constantly on demand and becoming hugely popular with UK broadband customers. According to the latest report from Hitwise’s survey on the websites that are regularly visited, websites that provide video access and streaming videos account for more than 2 percent of internet […]

Vaioni business ISP rolls out new broadband package

One of the small business broadband providers in the UK, Vaioni launched a new business broadband package “Business + Max”  for businesses that are looking for packages with higher upload speeds. Currently, Vaioni offers its business ADSL broadband packages with 1:1 contention ratio and these ADSL broadband services offer reliable, headline connection speeds even during […]

KCOM cuts its wholesale prices

The telecom network provider for Hull area, Kingston Communications (KCOM) has made price cuts for its wholesale broadband products to make its price more competitive with other Wholesale sellers like BT. According to the report from the Hull Daily Mail, the new price of connection in this area via IPStream Max will cost £7.63 to […]

EU suggests single broadband market for better growth

Broadband uptake is one of indicators that show how a nation makes progress in modern telecommunication technologies. In UK, more than sixty percent of the population have their own broadband connection, showing a manifold growth in broadband penetration since 2005. With growing expansion of LLU network, cheap broadband prices and the availability of variety of […]

Report on Wi-fi hotspots places London on top

The use of Wi-Fi hotspots has been increasing worldwide, especially, in many broadband developed nations like the USA, the UK and other countries in Europe and Asia Pacific regions. According to the latest Mobile Broadband Index report from iPass, some of the cities that showed the fastest growth in Wi-fi usage include London, Tokyo, Munich, […]

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