Picnic broadband (Sky)

Skyuser, the unofficial help and support forum for Sky broadband reports that Sky’s new product ‘Picnic’ is undergoing testing stage and will be launched shortly once the testing is over. During the testing stage, the service is available only to employees, it seems. Picnic customers will get a new version of the Netgear router (DG834GV4)\and […]

BT is to offer free customer support

Many ISPs charge the calls made to their customer support while a few of them offer free 0800 numbers. Following the suit of the small section of ISPs, BT has also announced that its customers can make free calls using 0800 numbers from the first week of April. Currently, BT Broadband customers also use 0845or […]

£5 off for PAYG customers

O2 broadband provider has already offered £5 discount to its mobile customers who take their broadband deals. Currently, O2 offers three high speed broadband packages “ O2 Broadband Standard, O2 Broadband Premium and O2 Broadband Ultimate. While non-O2 mobile customers need to pay the standard price, O2 mobile customers pay £5 less than the normal […]

Tiscali and BPI disagree on the issue of cost

The agreement between Tiscali and British Phonographic Industry (BPI) on the issue of restraining users from downloading and sharing of files that leads to copyright violation suffered a major setback when both the parties could not agree on matters related to costs of the process. By implementing the process, the ISP can terminate the connection […]

Migration related issues still raise concerns

Although Ofcom implemented a new set of rules and regulations with regard to migration procedure last year, it seems, many ISPs do not strictly follow them, according to a report. The UK telecom regulator Ofcom, instructed all ISPs to issue Migration Access Code (MAC) to its customers who switch to another provider within five working […]

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