High-bandwidth content providers asked to share broadband costs

As cheap broadband is a reality only when you go for entry level packages, high level packages that come with better speeds and download limits always sound expensive for many users. Unlimited broadband packages allow the users to download as much as they want during off-peak hours, but the speed gets reduced to half when […]

Debate on harmful content on the internet – ISPA

While a few parental control software are available for the parents to monitor and limit the internet activities of their children, it is equally important for the broadband industry to be responsible enough to look into the issue of availability of harmful contents on the internet and find solution for this growing problem. ISPA which […]

Using mobile as modem leading to mammoth bill

A report in the past revealed that 40 percent of internet users are not aware of the cap on their usage and think that their plans allow them to make “unlimited” downloads. If you are a light user or an average user, it is a good idea to check the monthly usage allowance you get […]

Rural areas in need of better telecommunication services

Dr. Stuart Burgess, the chairman of the Rural Communities Commission and the Government’s Rural Advocate who is to present a report on the rural economy in England says the updating communication links for the remote areas in rural England holds the key for securing future economic viability for these areas. According to him, most parts […]

FTTH network to be built in South Yorkshire

Fibre based broadband can provide speeds upto 100 Mbps and countries like Japan, South Korea and Sweden have been offering this highspeed internet to majority of the internet users in their countries. In the UK, ADSL+2 is making its way to many households due to the limitations of ADSL which degrades after a certain distance. […]

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