Many cancel landlines and keep mobiles

Eurostat, the research and statistics body of the European Commissions says that there is an increasing uptake of mobile services while a large number of Europeans cancel their landline connections simultaneously. The survey conducted by Eurostat shows that 18 percent of Europeans who previously had landlines, cancelled the services and went for mobile connections. It […]

BT Group bagged two WCA Awards 2007

BT Global Services which operate in many countries across the world has won the World Communication Award in ‘Best Customer Care’ category, this year. The BT Group also won the convergence award for its 21CN plan which will be finished in next five years. Every year, the World Communication Awards are given away to the individuals and […]

Orange roll out Flybox mobile broadband router next year

Orange broadband provider has planned to offer a new wifi router called Flybox in the early next year. This wi-fi router is compatible with both ADSL broadband and 3G mobile technology as it comes with a built-in SIM card. This router is expected to help Orange customers who live 3 or 4 Kms from exchanges […]

Solution to phishing attacks

Phishing attacks have increased a great deal and the joint survey by Yougov and Cloudmark on this issue indicates that the UK is one of the European nations that have  high degree of email phishing attacks. Phishing emails often refer to the fraudulent ones that deceive the users with their genuine-looking false guidelines and make […]

TalkTalk pestered by non-connectivity problems

The Independent reports that TalkTalk broadband lines in the outer London 0208 dial code area have become ‘saturated’ due to the excessive traffic thus resulting in severe connectivity problems in this area. TalkTalk, the third largest UK broadband provider in terms of connections depends on the broadband network of its parent company, the Carphone Warehouse […]

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