International travel Wi-Fi vouchers with iBahn to increase hotspots- BT Openzone

Now travellers can stay rest assured about no hidden or extra roaming charges with BT total  Openzone’s new international Wi-Fi vouchers. Only a fixed voucher price needs to be paid (i.e.) no monthly charges and the same is inclusive of Wi-Fi charges too. BT Openzone 500 Europe covers Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Porutgal, Spain […]

Sky broadband users number crosses 1 million!

With its advent just 14 months ago, Sky broadband has managed to achieve 1 million users for its broadband services alone. It is now UK’s most rapidly growing broadband service supplier, linking one new customer every 40 seconds! Despite the disagreements with Virgin and complaints about poor connectivity about 30% are entirely new customers and […]

Ofcom releases Telecommunications market data tables

Ofcom, the telecom regulator released Telecommunications market data tables featuring a comparison of data like the number of broadband uptake, the number of LLU lines and the revenues earned by the telecom operations and UK ISP during the last two years. Accordingly, the total number of broadband connections in UK that are used by households […]

Ofcom Consumer Panel raises its concern over actual speed

The issue of  actual broadband speeds once again came on the surface, when Colette Bowe, Chairman of the Ofcom Consumer Panel has instructed the six leading Service Providers of the UK to take effective steps so that the consumer will get clear information over what actual connection they will get. Ever since broadband and the […]

McDonald to setup 1200 wi-fi hotspots

McDonald, the leading chain of restaurants has planned to setup wi-fi hotspots in its 1200 major restaurants in the UK, according to the report from Reuters. Presently, there are about 11,477 wi-fi hotspots across the UK and providers like BT, The Cloud and T-Mobile broadband have been operating these wi-fi spots. However, McDonald becomes the largest […]

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