Virgin upgrades its package and starts trial service

It seems that Virgin Media is all set to upgrade its present broadband packages in near future, and the current 50 Mb broadband trial launched by the cable giant in selected areas of the UK stands as a proof for it. Now, the latest announcement from Virgin Media reveals that the ISP is also about […]

Facts on migration delays

The average delay in switching a broadband provider UK is reported to be around two weeks, according to the latest study by This is in spite of the implementation of new migration rules by the regulator Ofcom, which has instructed the ISPs to provide the required MAC without delay to the switching customers. Earlier, […]

Orange launches packages for home users

Orange broadband provider has launched two packages for home users – Home Starter and Home Max. With rather lengthy contract period of 18 months, these two packages sound cheap only when taken with its 18 or 24 month mobile plans. The Home Starter which costs £12 a month and offers 2 Mb download speed and […]

Future Wi-fi technology suffers a setback

It seems that the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is reluctant to assure that it will not raise any objections over making the 802.11n or the future Wi-fi technology available for the market. This means that the IEEE which examines the standards of the products will not give its nod for the launch […]

Virgin Media puts its 50 MB broadband service to the test

Virgin Media, the major cable broadband provider has been testing its astonishing 50 Mb broadband service in selected places in the UK. The ISP’s customers in Ashford, Folkestone and Dover will be fortunate to use this service which is expected to cost around £50 a month. The trial period which starts on 1st of October […]

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