Be modifies its broadband package for light users

Be, the UK broadband provider who offer ultra-fast broadband packages based on ADSL 2+ technology has made changes in the product line up. Its light user’s package Be lite which had been offering 24 MB broadband with 4 GB monthly usage allowance would not be available, instead, a new package Be Value has been launched by […]

Skype apologizes for the technical failure

The popular VoIP provider, Skype has admitted that its VoIP service was affected by some unknown problems for nearly a week this month. The temporary disruption of its services was attributed to Microsoft’s Patch by Skype last week.. Skype explained that Microsoft which was involved in a routine security update started rebooting of many systems. […]

Sky plans to launch a new broadband package

An unconfirmed report says Sky is to start a new broadband-alone service under the brand name ‘Picnic Broadband’ shortly. This service will be available for any customers without signing up for present Sky TV channels. It seems that Sky broadband package will use a new wireless router, most probably that of Netgear which can enable […]

Vodafone upgrades its mobile broadband service

The mobile broadband provider Vodafone UK has planned to launch a new mobile broadband service which will offer download speeds of more than 7 Mbps. The service which is based on 3G network will provide a maximum upload speed of 1.44 Mbps. However, the current HSUPA technology of Vodafone needs to be upgraded to the […]

Cable networks need new technologies

Cable broadband suppliers are not so many in UK. Unlike the US, where cable broadband is dominant over other broadband technologies, broadband via cable network has not reached the majority of UK internet population. For example, Virgin Media, the largest cable broadband provider, ranks second in terms of number of customers and comes next to […]

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