Is Virgin Media a Pipex bid war winner?

Virgin Media is well known for its great battle with Murdoch Empire and now they have plans to take over the Internet Service Provider, PIPEX who has invited bids last week. As per recent reports released by the Daily Telegraph, Virgin Media is working on the bid amount with the broker UBS and will be […]

Standardize VoIP Protocols

Voice over IP is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It’s such a remarkable service that lets anyone talk to any other person using their home computers. Every voice packets is going over IP communication. The most efficient and comfortable way of communicating from either work or home at a cost 5 times […]

Philips CD3211S Cordless Internet Phone without Answer Machine

Philips has launched a cordless internet phone with single pack named as Philips CD3211S Cordless Internet Phone. You get enough talk time in this unit. It has the stuff to perform multiple functions and it has various features to use this unit comfortably. This internet phone has the memory capacity to store up to 50 […]

Model AU-210 USB Phone

Model AU-210 USB Phone is innovatively launched with useful features like LCD display, HID support, 1/8 inches headset and more. It is designed very compactly with the dimensions of 130 x 47 x 25 millimeters. This product has embedded with a useful element of LCD screen to display useful information. LCD screen uses Liquid Crystals […]

Homecall Broadband – Moving ahead!

Caudwell Communication announced the launch of Homecall broadband service last year and the ISP is now almost ready to jump into the market. Caudwell group currently owns the Phone4u mobile phone operator company and Homecall is going to be the telephone business unit. Homecall takes an extra mile step in offering bundled packages suitable for […]

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