Redten Internet – Free PC worth £500!

Redten Internet are offering everyone who signs up for three years up to 8Mb unlimited broadband and an LG-branded PC worth over £500, for less than the price that some people are paying just for their broadband connection! Not only will you get a brand new LG-branded desktop computer, but it comes with a three-year […]

Ventrilo – Quality FREE VoIP’ing

Voice over IP is new craze in telecommunications industry and majority of people around the world are adopting this technology with much faster speed. As the time passed by , there have been many updates to the VoIP platform and the technology has advanced to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based VoIP connections which means, a […]

Wireless Network Security

With the wide spread of Wireless Broadband due to the massive increase in Broadband connection suppliers the need for securing came out so people around you (mostly your home neighbors) don’t use your paid connection and thus steal your money and slowing your own connection and maybe subject you to data loss or security vulnerabilities […]

Wireless Networks Types

Following types of wireless network are being used these days with great efficiency. They are Wireless Local Area Networks (LANs)or wireless Ethernet 802.11b 802.11g Fixed Broadband Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network) MMDS and LMDS Small Dish Satellite Mobile Wireless for VoIP and Internet Wireless Personal Area Networks for Bluetooth technologies Wireless LAN’s: Many home and […]

VPN Wi-Fi LAN Design Guidelines

In order to build a secure VPN Wireless LAN one will have to introduce some security protocols like IPSec which runs along with VPN. All we need to do is to connect out wireless access point to the corporate layer 2 switch through which VLAN’s are segregated to furnish different network segments. These VLAN will […]

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