Tiscali Broadband

Tiscali Broadband servicesoffers 3 basic broadband packages. Each of these packages is targeted to a specific user and defined by Internet connection speed. If you are tired of a slow dial-up connection, upgrading to Tiscali’s  £12.99 package may be all you need. This package allows you to download at up to 1Mbps, much faster than […]

Choosing the right home network

Deciding whether to go wireless or wired for your home network can be a difficult decision. Read this post and you will be able to make an informed decision on which will best meet your needs. Wired Network, Wired networks connections are more reliable and speeds are faster. Building a wired network takes time but […]

AOL Broadband Offers

AOL is one of the most popular broadband providers in the world. They are also one of the top selling ISP on our site with good reviews from consumers. What we like about AOL? 1. All their broadband internet packages have unlimited download – subject to fair usage policy ofcourse. 2. Cheap broadband prices. For […]

The Piratebay blocks a Swedish ISP

A very popular site for downloading files called The PirateBay, mostly illegal has recently, along with other sites started blocking all users from a Swedish internet service provider Perspektiv for blocking access to a illegal Mp3 download service. The Piratebay has taken this action to try and force everyone currently on Perspektiv to leave and […]

BT Vision launched

December the 4th saw the launch of a new TV service using BT internet broadband. The service is called BT Vision and will allow customers of BT broadband to pay a small set-up fee to get the set top box, however those with a BT Home Hub box will not have to pay for anything. […]

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