1st Charles Kao Award won by CEO of Cityfibre at FTTH Conference

FTTH Conference 2019 had taken place from March 12 to March 14, 2019 at Amsterdam, The Netherlands organized by Fibre to the Home Council Europe. It is the biggest meeting place for the world broadband stakeholders. As a part of the conference, various exhibitions, workshops and conference sessions took place and provided exclusive information and FTTH related topics.

On the second day, the FTTH Award 2019 Ceremony happened and Greg Mesch – the CEO of Cityfibre has secured the Charles Kao Award for recognizing his extraordinary contribution towards developing full fibre of FTTH / FTTB broadband networks in the UK. He is the first person to receive the first such award given in the name of Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Kuen Kao.

Sir Charles Kuen Kao, who is father of Fibre Optics, got Nobel Prize jointly in the category of Physics for his great achievements in the transmission of light through fibre optics for optical communication. But he has passed away last year in Hong Kong. To recognize his achievements, the Charles Kao Award has been announced this year and Greg Mesch is the first to receive it this year.

Cityfibre has been engaged in building FTTP and Dark Fibre networks to become the provider of largest alternative network providers in the past few years. As of now, they are working towards creating £2.5 billion investment to bring FTTP networks to cover 1m premises in the 10 UK cities by 2021 and aspire to reach 5m in 37 UK cities by 2024.

The competitive pressures which are being created by Cityfibre and other Altnet providers in the market leads to the growth of more full fibre based deployments among the established players in concentrating more on full fibre networks.

President of the FTTH Council Europe – Ronan Kelly said that on the creation of Charles Kao Award, the council wanted to give the award to the person having strong and firm concern on the benefits of full fibre networks. Cityfibre’s partnership with Vodafone for their aim to reach atleast 20% UK market, recent success on their fundrise of around £1.1 billion and their global experience in other markets are the proofs for Greg’s leadership potential and his fabulous contribution towards the industry.

Greg Mesch said that he is delighted and grateful to receive such honour and for having associated with great innovator Charles Kao. With the potential of a full fibre future beginning globally, they are happy to get such a privilege of setting up in four different countries to make it happen.

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