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Cityfibre’s FTTH broadband goes live in Stirling

May 23rd, 2019 by admin
UK’sfull fibre network builder Cityfibre has recently announced that theyhave connected the first homes of Stirling (Scotland) with their 1Gbps based FTTH ultrafast broadband network worth £10m along withtheir partner ISP Vodafone. The network build is expected to get overby next year. Theabove project is forming part of the ISPs £2.5bn project to reach 1million premises in 12 cities by 2021 and aspire to reach 5 millionpremises in 37 cities by 2024. Cityfibre already has their 24 km lon... Read More»

Full fibre network of Cityfibre goes live in Swindon

May 22nd, 2019 by admin
Cityfibrehas recently informed that their network has been open to businessesin the Wiltshire town of Swindon by which 1100+ businesses will begetting benefited with their full fibre network. Even the ISP isplanning for extension of their ultrafast broadband to local homesthrough Vodafone soon. Thebusinesses that will be benefited are within 200 metres of their newDark Fibre network of 6.5 km long. The local businesses can contactthe ISP’s local partner Excalibur to get the network connectivit... Read More»

The 4th Utility focuses on new build homes in the UK

May 21st, 2019 by admin
Manchesterbased newly formed ISP The 4th Utility has recently announced thatthey have connected their first customer with FTTH broadband networkand they focus on new build homes say MDUs and large residentialbuildings. In the beginning, the ISP targets on 10,000 customers andthey provide Sky Q to their broadband customers on sign up by havingtie-up with Sky TV and also with FullComms. TheISP is having deals with various property developers which includeCrest Nicholson, the Fortis Group, Taylor W... Read More»

Full fibre networks benefits in 10 Northern Ireland councils

May 20th, 2019 by admin
Therewill be ten councils of Northern Ireland getting benefited from a newproject funded by the UK Government which provides for a new Gigabitcapable full fibre (FTTP or Dark Fibre) network. The network helps tocover around 880 public sector sites by March 2021.Apublic investment of £15 million under Wave 3 of the Local FullFibre Networks programme of the UK Government has been awarded forthe deployment. For that, the Full Fibre Northern Ireland Consortiumhas been formed by the councils to look... Read More»

Hyperoptic’s new leadership team

May 19th, 2019 by admin
Oneof the leading ISPs in the UK and city focused fibre optic provider –Hyperoptic has recently announced that they have made appointments ofPeter White as their new Chief Financial Officer and Naleena Gururanias their Chief People Officer. They will be working to support theirdeployment of full fibre network rollout of 2 million premises by2021 and 5m by 2024.PeterWhite was a CFO from Workshare (SaaS provider) and previously heworked as CFO at Lumata (B2B mobile marketing technology servicesg... Read More»
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