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ISP WarwickNet supplies superfast connectivity to Tanshire Park businesses

February 27th, 2015 by admin
The Tanshire Park is an established office park constituting of three large office buildings, spreading over approximately to 3,623 sq.m. (or 39,000 sq.ft.) and with a 243 car parking space, situated in Elstead, Surrey. WarwickNet, the business ISP, has announced the establishment of a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Tanshire Park, to provide superfast broadband connectivity. This solution from WarwickNet, as seen in earlier employments from them, would invariably involve the mixture of not only ... Read More»

Gigaclear reaches out to big rural school with Gigabit broadband

February 26th, 2015 by admin
Gigaclear, the alternative ISP, has shown that they can equal the big telecom providers. They have proven this as they deliver on their FTTP network a 1Gbps capable connection to the Uppingham School (Rutland, England), a big local school, to serve some 800 pupils attending here. The school has now a great demand for bandwidth, as they begin using internet related learning resources and videos. At one point, the school used up a full Tetrabyte of data in one day. The rural market town of Uppingh... Read More»

EU not for Ofcom regulating BT's FTTC broadband prices

February 24th, 2015 by admin
The European Commission has urged the telecoms regulator Ofcom to take a second look at its proposed controlling of BT's wholesale pricing. The European Commission (EC) has advised Ofcom to redesign the proposals made for preventing margin squeeze between wholesale and its retail pricing and also protecting its wholesale customers. Ofcom had published earlier in January draft rules regarding to BT's wholesale costing and prices for rivals, such as TalkTalk or Sky, for using its broadband infrast... Read More»

BT and Openreach should be separated to benefit consumers, say MPs

February 22nd, 2015 by admin
British MPs say they would like to see BT and Openreach separated, as it would help consumers get better service. The MPs suggest that splitting BT's Consumer Division and Openreach, which owns and runs the largest copper and fibre network in the country, would help increase competitiveness in the market. This suggestion came up while MPs were debating on rural broadband and some MPs expressed the time has come to separate the Openreach Business completely from BT, to help consumers get better s... Read More»

House of Lords sees Internet access as a utility service

February 20th, 2015 by admin
The Digital Skills Committee, of the House of Lords, has put in its report that the internet should be treated as a utility that all UK citizens can avail. The report, 'Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future', said everyone should be able to access and use the internet, regardless of circumstances or location. The whole population should have 'unimpeded access' to the internet, universally. The report highlights a shortage of digital skills and points to a lack of co-ordination on digital initia... Read More»
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