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RootMetrics ranks EE and Three as best mobile operators

February 12th, 2016 by admin
RootMetrics has published its 2nd-Half 20015 UK RootScore Report and the latest biannual report has EE on top spot, as the best overall operator, with a RootScore of 88.1 out of 100. Three UK follows with a score of 84.5. Next comes Vodafone with 78.6 and then O2 with 76.6. The results have been derived from 874,686 tests made across the UK and involved 24,000 miles of driving. Tests were done on the move, at stationary outdoor spots and at 1,426 indoor locations. EE has topped the awards list, ... Read More»

BT Broadband glitch stops Netflix app on LG smart TVs

February 11th, 2016 by admin
BT Broadband customers were furious when a glitch stopped them from watching the Netflix streaming service. Netflix's built-in app on the £2,000 smart TVs of LG was not working. Engineers are trying desperately to solve the problem that has killed the in-built app. Dozens of complaints by furious customers were posted online following the glitch being discovered. A BT spokesman said they are aware that a small number of customers are unable to watch Netflix using the in-built Netflix app and wi... Read More»

No price hike for 5 years if O2 merged, assures Three UK

February 8th, 2016 by admin
There will be no rise in prices for 5 years, promises Three UK (owned by C K Hutchison Holdings), if the proposed merger with O2 goes through. In an open letter, Chairman of Three UK, Canning Fok, has pledged that there will be no rise of prices by the new Three and O2 combined operator for 5 years, on voice minutes, texts or for megabytes consumed. The chairman, also group Co-Managing Director of C K Hutchison Holdings, made the assurance following CEO of Ofcom, Sharon White's warning that the ... Read More»

Cisco predicts UK's mobile data speed to average 18.1Mbps by 2020

February 5th, 2016 by admin
The Mobile Data Traffic Forecast (2015 – 2020) report published by Cisco, has estimated that United Kingdom's data traffic reached 86.2 Petabytes per month in 2015. It found the mobile connection speed averaged to 5.8 Mbps and has forecasted to hit 18.1 Mbps by 2020. When compared to 2014, the average mobile connected device generated in 2015, 5% more data traffic per month. It had risen from 636 MegaBytes to 964 MegaBytes. On the other hand, Ofcom reported it as 530 MB for 2014 and 870 MB fo... Read More»

EC moves to reassign 700MHz for mobile broadband

February 4th, 2016 by admin
The European Commission has moved to harmonise the use of the 700MHz spectrum for mobile services. The EC has called on member states of the EU to release the 700MHz frequencies by 30th June of 2020, to accommodate the cross-border applications, data and the arrival of 5G networks. Member states in order to meet this deadline, need to adopt and publicise their national plans for network coverage and for releasing this band by 30th June 2017. Germany and France have already authorised the 700MHz ... Read More»
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