Broadband bundles

Everyone knows that broadband is accessed via telephone line or a cable line that makes it possible to combine other services like telephony and TV with it. The bundling of these services offers two major advantages. First, it helps your ISP to reduce the cost of providing a bundled service that will directly benefit you in terms of savings. Second, you get all services on a single bill that makes things much easier for you. Not only making payment is simpler but also you can easily resolve any issues related to services in future, whether the issue is related to the wrong bill amount or inferior quality of service etc.

To choose the best broadband bundle that suits your needs, you should know, beforehand, what your needs are. Obviously, the best package will be the one that adds great value to your money. You could be a light user of phone and a heavy user of broadband or vice versa. In such a case, Virgin Media offers various options to combine different sizes of its broadband, home phone and digital television and even its mobile service. Its 2 for ?20, 3 for ?30 or 4 for ?40 are some of the best bundle offers that you can find in the UK broadband market.

Broadband bundles offered by UK broadband Providers

You can go for three types of broadband bundles:

  • Broadband with call plans
  • Triple play
  • Quad play

Tiscali, Sky and KCOM are a few ISPs that provide triple play (three services) and providers like AOL, TalkTalk and Pipex offer broadband & phone bundles. As there are numerous broadband bundles available in the UK, choosing the right package could be a bit tricky. There might be some hidden costs like setup cost or the cost of modem despite an offer looking so attractive and so tempting!

Broadband & Phone bundles

You will find many bundles under this category. AOL, TalkTalk, Pipex and Toucan offer various call plans with their broadband packages. Depending upon your needs, you may go for either unlimited UK call plans or evening & weekend call plans. If you look for international call plans, Talk2 International and Talk3 International are ideal packages. TalkTalk broadband offer free broadband with these international call plans, however, you need to pay a connection fee of ?29.99 and sign up for 18 months contract.

Pipex and Toucan packages when bundled with home phone, can save a lot of money and they come with free modem/router and free internet security.

Triple Play

Triple play provides all services except mobile phone service. Tiscali, Virgin Media and KCOM are the major providers of this kind of bundles and the availability of these bundles depends on where you live.

Use our Check Availability and you may have a look at our comparison table which has all bundle offers available in the UK.

Quad play

Virgin Media was the first provider to offer all the four services to a customer. Their 4 or ?40 and the premier packages like Very Impressive are a few examples of the quad play packages available in the UK.