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Just started out on your own and looking for a suitable Student broadband package that will do you best? Confused about the manifold student broadband deals in the market that proclaim to be the best? Relax, we at provide you the perfect solution. Before you is a wide choice of student broadband deals that have been hand-picked to suit your needs. If you're looking for a budget-friendly one or a 3 month contract, we have it all.

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Fast Broadband
Fast Broadband - £24.95 a month for 18 months
£24.95 a month
Unlimited Business Broadband + PAYG Calls
Unlimited Business Broadband + PAYG Calls from 17.00 a Month. 24 month contract. 0.00 activation fee applies
£17.00 a Month
Sky Broadband Superfast and Free Anytime Talk
Get Sky Broadband Superfast and Free Anytime Talk for 27pm for 18 months. 0 setup fees. Price may change during this period. Contract length: 18 months Speed: 59MB
£27.00a Month
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  • Student Broadband

    It's not just Internet, it's about fast Internet. Internet today is one of the most creative and updated data base for students. It's an all in one utility which is used to accomplish multiple tasks like email, chatting, payments, news, reading and reference. Also they provide more time and less strain. But all these expectations could vanish if we haven't spent time to choose the best student plan.

    There are many factors that can be reviewed while choosing a student broadband service.

    1. Location- It should be the primary focus before you subscribe for a service. Because students who live with a family might not have similar requirements like the ones who leave away from home. Students who often move between different locations might feel comfortable with a mobile broadband, however teens who wish to have faster access and are gaming lovers might choose a cable broadband which is available at a maximum of 50Mbps.
    2. Monthly expense- Students who own a broadband connection might not be able to afford costlier plans. Pay monthly plans or signing up a contract might be inconvenient for the teens to pay out of their pocket. In these cases mobile broadband with a pay as you go plan would be much better.
    3. Bundled Packages- Students can benefit out of the exclusive offers or low monthly rentals for a broadband service while subscribing for bundled packages.
    4. Internet connection Sharing- When there is more than one student or teen in a house hold, wireless Internet can help them share the connection. Wireless Internet connection is available with almost all the Internet service providers, where a wireless router is used to share the Internet connection. Also students can share the monthly bills based on the usage, which can help them enjoy unlimited fast Internet service at considerably low price.
    5. MiFi- Students, who use multiple electronic gadgets for connecting to the Internet like desktop, laptop, I-pod, I-pad, etc, might not be comfortable using a mobile broadband dongle since it can be connected only to a single device at a time. In these cases students can opt to choose a Mi-Fi router which is a mobile broadband dongle but can share the Internet connection wirelessly.