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Vodafone mobile broadband offers the fastest download speeds in the UK. With its extensive 3G mobile networks that spread across the UK, the provider offers speeds up to 7.2Mbps to its customers who just need a laptop and a USB modem stick to enjoy Vodafone broadband on the move.

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Vodafone - Consumer Reviews

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Vodafone Reviews

Reviewed by Imogen  on  2012-04-20

Good customer service, recent prices and satisfactory connectivity speeds even during peak hours. Joined them just a couple of months ago and expect better services from them in future too.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Scarlett  on  2012-04-20

Though I have faced several difficult situations with Vodafone, I would say that their services are satisfactory. Their network coverage is also fine except for some remote places where it is hardly possible to receive any phone calls. I would gladly recommend this broadband provider for anyone in UK.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Pam  on  2011-10-20

I personally did not have any trouble with Vodafone. Services were good as well as the speed. The rates too were competitive. Good going vodafone!!

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Elan  on  2011-09-21

I am pretty happy with the service i get from Vodafone, though this may not be the case of many. From among the many user reviews I have read, many were against Vodafone. I agree there are various reasons for each. But, my case is a bit different. I get good signal strength most of the times and never faced a serious issue.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Aiden  on  2011-09-08

The price hike of Vodafone has taken me off!!!! ? I wonder why they demand so much money for the poor service they offer.I had terminated my contract much before and still they are after me. Moreover, horrible customer service....

Rating: Average

Vodafone Broadband News

Vodafone UK has become the first UK operator to confirm that they will help Transport for London (TfL) to pilot a new 4G (mobile broadband and voice) network through tunnels and at station platforms on the London Undergr

Vodafone UK has come up with a wonderful feature to their customers where they can able to get and make calls via Amazon Echo Smart

On the occasion of this Christmas, One of the leading ISPs in the UK – Vodafone has announced that they have slashed the prices of their FTTC based Superfast broadband packages for their existing pay monthly mobile customers, where they can get 35

Vodafone UK has recently announced that they have brought down their monthly price of their superfast broadband and phone line rental packages by £1. The pay monthly mobile subscribers will get Superfast 1 (35 Mbps) package at £20 per month and Sup

Vodafone UK has announced that they will be adding free roaming feature in 29 more countries which totalling to 77 countries. So the mobile customers of 4G Red Entertainment can enjoy free global roaming with pay monthly plans. The 4G plans (SIM

Scott Petty will succeed Jorge Fernandes as Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone UK. Petty is Vodafone Group's technology enterprise director, before his appointment as CTO. Jorge Fernandes will be leaving t

Vodafone and CityFibre are into deal that will roll-out Gigabit capable broadband to up to 5 million premises in the UK, by 2025. The long term a strategic partnership will see the roll-out of ultrafast full