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Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media is the second largest UK broadband provider after BT and the first UK ISP to launch quad play service in the UK. The cable internet provider now offers high speed, fibre optic broadband of up to 50mb that can be bundled with other services like home phone, mobile and digital TV at unbelievably cheaper prices.

In terms of broadband speeds, Virgin Media is one of the most reliable broadband service provider and its super-fast broadband packages are comparable with ADSL 2+ broadband of O2 or Be.

Not stopping with their popular bundled deals, Virgin Media has also stormed into the UK mobile broadband market by launching mobile broadband offerings for its customers.

Virgin Media Broadband Packages

Package Details Downloads Speeds
Contract Monthly cost Details
Get free set-upGet free set-up worth 35 on selected broadband packages and bundles
Unlimited **0MbNo Contract£0.00
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Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media offers different types of broadband packages based on the speed required by the user.

The 10Mbps broadband connection provides unlimited download, free internet security, free wireless router, unlimited weekend calling UK landlines and virgin media mobiles, half price for the first 6 months, free digital storage of 5GB, free photo prints, free email and automatic backup service. All these are offered at £6.75 per month for the first 6 months and £13.50 later if the user includes a phone line, else it will be offered at £16 per month for the first 3 months and £21 later.

Virgin Media 30Mbps broadband connection includes all features that are available for a 10Mbps connection plus free installation worth £40, and 10GB of digital storage. Users can avail this connection at £9.25 for the first 6 months and then £18.50 per month if included with a phone line else will be charged £23.50 per month for first 3 months and £28.50 later.

The 50Mbps broadband connection which would be faster even for multiple users is offered at £12.50 per month for first 6 months if purchase with a phone line else £30 for first 3 months. Also it includes unlimited online storage for instant backup.

Virgin Media was the first to roll out the fiber optic cables at speeds of up to 100Mbps, unlimited download, super fast wireless router, unlimited weekend UK calling, at £35 per month with a phone line and £45 per month without a phone line.

Virgin Mobile Broadband

Virgin Mobile network has a penetration rate of almost 85% in UK and offers both 2G and 3G services. The 3G broadband service of Virgin mobiles is offered at a speed of 7.2Mbps with an award winning USB modem. This USB dongle is offered as both 2 months short term and 18 months contract. Users can choose download allowance of 1GB or 3GB based on their requirement. The 18 months contract plan offers the USB modem for free and free internet access for the first 3 months. Existing Virgin customers and others who chose to buy a broadband bundle might avail a 20% off on the purchase of the mobile broadband. Also Virgin offers a 28 day money back guarantee just in case the user wants to return the dongle.

Save a fortune by taking Virgin Media broadband with other services like home phone, TV and Virgin Mobile. Get super-fast, fibre optic broadband at discounted prices when you take Virgin phone; or save up to £50 when you sign up online to any triple bundle offer.

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How does Virgin Media Compare with other Internet Service Providers?

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Virgin Media - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Virgin Media Reviews

Reviewed by jack  on  2012-04-20

When I phone up for help and shoot questions, I always get quick and satisfactory replies. Technical queries are answered free.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Henry  on  2012-04-20

Good speed and no hassles. Network upgraded automatically. Will recommend to others.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Steven  on  2011-10-17

I am very happy with my new connection I have with Virgin Media. Good customer service is what has impressed me the most. Prompt answers and quick service has kept them a step ahead of others. The connection speed is also pretty good when compared with my previous provider.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Rhea M  on  2011-09-21

Good!!! Finally I found a good provider. I get the speed I pay for. In addition, it actually works! I wish I had found them earlier rather than going behind by the alternatives.Customer service wise, it is Excellent. I had issues and it was sorted out the very next day. Impressed!!

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Paul  on  2011-09-05

I was surprised to know that I am not just the only person who was angry with Virgin Media. There are lots in the list. My connection is down for months and no service at all in spite of calling them several times. But if you are one who has problems careful will hardly find a person who speak proper English. The customer service is even worse. To sum up..a worst provider.

Rating: Poor

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