Fast Broadband TV - £26.95 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost). £9.95 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge

Fast Broadband TV

Fast Broadband

Fast Broadband - £24.95 a month for 18 months

Fibre 35 TV

Fibre 35 TV - £24.00 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost) £0.00 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge

Fast Broadband TV

Fast Broadband TV - £26.95 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost). £9.95 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge

About TalkTalk

TalkTalk was launched in 2004. Three years after its launch, today, TalkTalk broadband comprises more than 3 million customers thus becoming the fastest growing ISP in the UK. TalkTalk, a part of the Carphone Warehouse, offers voice and broadband services and carved a niche for itself as an ISP of quality, reliability and great customer support. After the acquisition of AOL by the Carphone Warehouse in 2006.

TalkTalk Broadband Packages

If you sign up to TalkTalk broadband bundle, you will get free broadband with 14Mb download speed and a huge 40GB usage allowance. These attractive call plans allow you to make unlimited international anytime calls to 36 locations on the globe and the calls to mobiles in the USA and Canada are also relatively cheaper. The main difference between these two premium packages is that Talk Global Anytime call plan offers unlimited, anytime calls to anywhere in the UK and selected international destinations while Talk Global Evening & Weekend package offers unlimited evenings and weekend calls to anywhere in the UK.

TalkTalk also offers free modem, free online protection, free 2 months access to Setanta Sports and a Freeview box. If you switch to their broadband deals, you will get free one month broadband.

Package Details Downloads Speeds
Contract Monthly cost Details
Fibre 35Fibre 35 - £22.00 a month for 18 months and £2 SuperSafe Boost for 24 months. £0.00 setup fee
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£22.00
Fibre 35 TVFibre 35 TV - £24.00 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost) £0.00 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£24.00
Fibre 65Fibre 65 - £24.00 a month for 18 months and £2 SuperSafe Boost for 24 months
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£24.00
Fast BroadbandFast Broadband - £24.95 a month for 18 months
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£24.95
Fibre 65 TVFibre 65 TV - £26.00 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost). £0.00 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£26.00
Fast Broadband TVFast Broadband TV - £26.95 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost). £9.95 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge
Unlimited **0Mb12 months£26.95
Fibre 150Fibre 150 - £29.95 a month for 18 months and free Supersafe boost. £0.00 setup fee
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£29.95
Fibre 150 TVFibre 150 TV - £31.95 month for 18 months (£0 Box cost) £0.00 setup fee and £2/month TV charge and Supersafe Boost included
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£31.95
** Fair Usage Policy applies.

TalkTalk Broadband and Phone Packages

Talk Talk is keen and focused in building UK‘s broadband structure with a 90% penetration rate and continually invests in expanding the network to all parts of the country. They provide a variety of packages like Home Broadband, Fiber optic Broadband and has newly entered the Mobile Broadband sector.

Talk Talk Home Broadband

Home Broadband service of Talk Talk is offered as two different packages- Talk Talk Essentials and Talk Talk Plus. The Essential package provides fast Broadband service at £6.50 per month plus £13.80 for monthly line rental plus a free connection worth £30. Also it includes unlimited evening and weekend UK calling to all landline numbers. Users can also avail a discount of 10% on their top 16 mobile and international calling. This service provides a maximum download speed of 40GB and a free wireless router for both PC and MAC machines.

The Plus Package provides fast Broadband connection with unlimited downloads and unlimited UK calling at £14.50 per month. The line rental is same as the essential package, but includes a six weeks free trial on Users can avail a free wireless N router, Anti-virus software package, 10% discount on top 16 mobile and international numbers and a flat rate of 7.15p per minute to any UK mobile during the day.

Talk Talk Fiber Optic Broadband

Talk Talk is fast in expanding its Fiber optic cables across UK to offer internet access at a super fast speed. This service on completion can offer faster upload and download of images and videos, instant download of HD movies from iPlayer and YouTube, faster internet access to multiple computers in your home, speed of up to 14Mbps and a guaranteed service.

Talk Talk Mobile Broadband

The Mobile Broadband of Talk Talk is a recent launch which can help customers to go online from where ever they are using their laptop or netbooks. It does not include a long term contract. Users can sign up for a 30 day contract and get a Talk Talk USB dongle with 1GB of data every month at £10.00 per month. The USB modem is available at a onetime cost of £29.99.

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How does TalkTalk Compare with other Internet Service Providers?

You can use our Broadband Comparison chart to find and compare the different broadband offers from UK ISPs. You may also find it useful to check our Cheap Broadband Deals to find the latest offerings from all the leading ADSL broadband providers in the UK.

TalkTalk - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

TalkTalk Reviews

Reviewed by Russell  on  2014-03-07

Talk Talk , always there when needed, never have a break in connection of the broadband, great telephone service and a very great and affordable price. I am with TalkTalk for many years not even switched to any other broadband and never got a single compliant with them.I will recommend TalkTalk to anyone.Great job Talktalk!!!

Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Benny  on  2012-04-12

For five years have been with TalkTalk and found no down times or such problems. Except for couple of days last week but is now fixed.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Henry  on  2013-04-12

Call centre in UK gives good support to customers. Migrating from the other supplier has been beneficial and saves money.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Harry  on  2011-10-20

I read a lot of negative comments here which are true to an extend. After being with them for quite some time, I will never claim that they are excellent, but they are good. They too have their negatives, then again who is perfect here.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Ryan  on  2011-09-15

Thanks all for the comments given on TalkTalk. This has helped me a lot in making up my mind not to go with TalkTalk. I am still researching which is the best provider...any body please help.

Rating: Poor

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