T-Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile broadband offers speeds up to 4.5Mbps from just £10 a month. The provider offers both Pay monthly mobile broadband plans and Pay per day options.

Pay monthly mobile broadband plans offer monthly data usage between 3GB and 10GB. Heavy users can go for Pay per day broadband options which offer unlimited downloads for just £2 per day.


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T-Mobile Broadband - Consumer Reviews

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T-Mobile Reviews

Reviewed by Frank  on  2011-09-19

T-Mobile is one of the worst provider that I have ever come across. It is highly unreliable and the packages are highly priced. Apart from that, the speed is pretty low and they have the worst customer service too.

Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Jhonty  on  2011-08-31

Good..in simple words that is my opinion on T-Mobile. Though the speed I get in my area is no too good, I could use it fairly just because I am not hooked to the net all the time. Some might have a different opinion, but as far as I am concerned...I am ok with what I get.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Keith  on  2011-08-15

I have read a lot of negative comments about T Mobile here, but unfortunately I do not agree with most of these, as my case was a bit different. Though I had issues, they were sorted out. I would suggest all to check the proper functioning of the dongle. I have been using their dongle for nearly 3 years and I am happy with the connection as well as the provider.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Bevs  on  2011-07-18

After using a T-Mobile dongle for the past 6 months, I must confess that the connection is not really reliable. They were god, but now..not really. The worst part is their customer service. The customer service people are not very helpful...a lot of improvement required.

Rating: Average

Reviewed by Matt A  on  2011-07-06

I am not at all satisfied with my connection. Worst speed and even worse customer service. They make a lot of false promises in their ads. Never offer the speed mentioned in the ads. The dongle is really unreliable

Rating: Poor

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