Get Sky Broadband Unlimited without TV for just £18.99 p/m for 12 months.

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Get 33% off

Sky TV and get 33% off selected Sky TV Bundles for 18 months.

Sky Broadband Unlimited without TV

Get Sky Broadband Unlimited without TV for just £18.99 p/m for 12 months

Sky Cinema

Upgrade to 6 months half price Sky Cinema

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband offers great value for your broadband expense! There are three broadband options to choose from while the entry level package Sky Broadband Lite is free broadband for Sky TV customers. Sky Unlimited is an unlimited ideal for the whole family.

With Sky broadband, you are free to combine super-fast broadband service, digital TV and phone from just £20 a month. Get free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines with Sky Talk or upgrade to Sky Talk Unlimited to get unlimited calls to UK landlines and to twenty international destinations.  Get Sky+ HD box and enjoy high definition videos!

Sky Broadband Packages

Package Details Downloads Speeds
Contract Monthly cost Details
Half price Sky SportsUpgrade to 3 months half price Sky Sports
Unlimited **17Mb3 months£0.00
Join Sky TVSky TV and choose from a range of TV Bundles with Sky Q, plus a £25 reward
Unlimited **0MbNo Contract£0.00
Get 50% offJoin Sky TV and get 50% off selected Sky TV Bundles for 18 months.
Unlimited **0Mb12 months£0.00
Sky FibreSky Fibre from just £20 p/m for 18 months (One off cost £48.95).
Unlimited **0Mb12 months£0.00
Sky TV and get 33% offSky TV and get 33% off selected Sky TV Bundles for 18 months.
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£0.00
Sky CinemaUpgrade to 6 months half price Sky Cinema
Unlimited **0Mb6 months£9.00
Sky Broadband Unlimited without TV freeGet Sky Broadband Unlimited without TV for just £18.99 p/m for 12 months
Unlimited **17Mb12 months£18.99
Get 25% offJoin Sky TV and get 25% off selected Sky TV Bundles for 18 months.
Unlimited **0Mb12 months£22.00
Sky Fibre without TVGet Sky Fibre without TV for just £28.99 p/m for 18 months (£50 activation, £9.95 Sky Hub delivery cost).
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£28.99
Sky Fibre Unlimited without TVGet Sky Fibre Unlimited without TV for just £30.00 p/m for 18 months
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£30.00
Get Sky Fibre Max without TVGet Sky Fibre Max without TV for just £35 p/m for 18 months
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£35.00
** Fair Usage Policy applies.

Sky Broadband Bundles

Sky, one of the most demanding broadband providers in the UK has introduced various kinds of broadband bundles just for you. Broadband bundle includes call and TV package. The quality of broadband service is based on the location you are put up and the availability in your area. Broadband package also comes with weekend and evening calls to UK landlines.

Broadband and Talk package as introduced by Sky is great for online shopping and browsing. The line rental charges of Sky are cheaper than that of BT. Billing is also as simple as that. All the home phone charges come in just one bill. You can enjoy evening and weekend UK calls too. Some of the Sky’s broadband bundles also comes with 24/7 technical support, wireless ‘N’ router and also free trial version of McAfee Internet Security Suite.

Few broadband bundle of Sky comes with unlimited broadband with absolutely no monthly usage fee. Sky’s broadband bundle also includes TV entertainment and Talk. TV package includes entertainment channels and also more free channels than from Virgin Media and BT. Entertainment channels also includes dedicated sports channels. You can also enjoy entertainment channels mostly in HD version. There are also movie channels completely in HD version.

Things to consider

1. Sky broadband is available only for customers who have a BT or sky talk line.
2. The speed of the connection would vary based on the location.
3. Unlimited broadband plan allows a maximum usage of 40GB per month.
4. Sky broadband offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Our Rating :

Our assessment of providers/packages are based on various criteria like speed, reliability, customer support etc. The over-all rating of a provider or a package often helps you to pick the right package for you even if you are unsure of your priorities.

How does Sky Broadband Compare with other Internet Service Providers?

You can use our Broadband Comparison chart to find and compare the different broadband offers from UK ISPs. You may also find it useful to check our Cheap Broadband Deals to find the latest offerings from all the leading ADSL broadband providers in the UK.

Sky Broadband - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Sky Reviews

Reviewed by Jack  on  2014-10-20

All the offers are found to be great.I purchased sky a year ago and I am completely satisfied with it.The customer service is nice, they reply to all my queries within a fraction of a second.Thanks to Sky and keep the good job going.

Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Jade  on  2014-01-31

I advise to think again for those who are valuing their broadband speed and are about to join sky broadband.Their broadband speed sometime drops at times and never turn up.Sometimes the speed is terrible due to constant buffering.

Rating: Average

Reviewed by Gerald  on  2014-03-07

Good M&S voucher offer with half price fibre unlimited. Speedy service. Sky broadband always stays connected . Usually works well.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Mike  on  2013-11-13

Sky TV packages are too good.....

Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Sara  on  2013-09-07

Sky speed is pretty average .......

Rating: Good

Sky Broadband News

Sky, UK's telecom major, will be introducing a free call blocking service which will go live from 9th June, available to both existing and new customers free of charge, The Sky Talk Shield system will work with existing handsets, not ne

Sky has launched a mobile phone service that's going to be a challenge to other providers like Virgin and BT. Sky Mobile was launched on Thursday, which is a MVNO proposition, that virtually uses the O2 network to deliver its service to customers.

Sky has released its latest quarterly report and has confirmed that Sky Mobile is on its way soon. It will work as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and be using the network of O2. Sky has said in its

An agreement signed between Fluidata, the Business ISP, and Sky's new Sky Network Services (SNS) Wholesale Division, will enable them to jointly offer new high-speed capacity service on Ethernet, across the

Sky has launched a new superfast broadband package, the Sky Fibre Max. Sky is offering here what it describes as a super reliable fibre broadband deal with download speeds of up to 76 Mbps and unlimited data

Sky has confirmed that their customers will benefit from Ultra HD (4K) TV service from the 13th of August (2016). Sky's new Q range of phone, broadband and TV bundles will benefit from apparently

Sky UK has announced a price rise of its TV packages. Prices will go up between +£1 and £2 more per month, from the 1st of June, this year. The new price rise is already reflected on their website. Sky's Comp