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Orange mobile broadband provides great coverage across the UK. With their mobile dongles you can get online wherever you are. And with their mobile WiFi, connect online using 3G. Thus, getting connected to Wi-Fi enabled gadgets such as MP3 players, laptops, digicams and tablets is simple and easy. In short, it is easy to get online with an Orange mobile Wi-Fi, dongle or tablets using Orange mobile broadband.

With their fastest ever broadband dongle browsing and downloading can be done quickly and easily. Also, Orange mobile broadband customers can enjoy 2 for 1 cinema tickets with Orange Wednesdays. Not just these. There are lot of other offers in hand for Orange mobile broadband customers.

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How does Orange Compare with other Internet Service Providers?

You can use our Broadband Comparison chart to find and compare the different broadband offers from UK ISPs. You may also find it useful to check our Cheap Broadband Deals to find the latest offerings from all the leading ADSL broadband providers in the UK.

Orange - Consumer Reviews

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Orange Reviews

Reviewed by James  on  2012-04-12

The UK support team are very polite and helpful. I'm happy and the line works fine. Good price too.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by John  on  2012-04-12

The UK support team are very polite and helpful. I'm happy and the line works fine. Good price too.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by David  on  2012-04-12

Had major problems with Orange. Router not working properly. Just waiting for contract to get over. Will then be switching at least without costs.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Amy  on  2011-10-27

A Good Provider. Good Service and Good customer care centre. I am satisfied. Though I was a bit confused initially before signing the new contract, I am happy now. Good work done by Orange.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Sam  on  2011-09-22

Worthless!! One of the worst broadband providers. It was also a bit shocking to see them rated as one among the best customer service providers a couple of months back. Though their customer care people are polite, they are of no use.

Rating: Poor

Orange Broadband News

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EE UK has announced the expansion of its 4GEE (mobile broadband network) to 18 largest airports and 14 more towns in the UK. With this, 4GEE now covers 70% of the population. Hence, not just the broadband network, EE will also make sure that phone

According to reports, a researcher at UK has spotted a security problem in EE’s router which will allow anybody to access the device remotely. Hence, a decision was made to provide automatic upgrade to broadband customers and those with eith

EE has launched 4G based fixed wireless home broadband service aimed particularly for rural areas. Remote areas of Cumbria are expected to get the service first. For the data allowance of 25GB, the cost is expected to be around £25 per month

EE recently announced the launch of the world’s first petabyte (PB) plan along with several other 3G and 4G data bundles for businesses. One petabyte equalling one million gigabyte is the largest bundle released so far and is referred to as

Cash on Tap, a contactless payment app will now be available on more smartphones such as Sony Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Note 2 and Note3. EE in partnership with MasterCard launched this mobile payment service. This app allows users to

EE launched UK’s first pay as you go handset deals to give customers superfast 4G connectivity. According to EE, 40% of mobile users in the UK can use EE’s superfast 4G service when they choose pay as you go plans instead of fixed-pric