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Madasafish is a pretty reliable broadband provider and well-known for its outstanding customer service. Madasafish broadband offers are ideal for individuals, families and professionals.

Madasfish broadband packages offer reliable speeds of up to 8Mbps, free wireless kit, static IP option, free domain name, web space and free trial of BullGuard security suite from just £9.99 a month.

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Madasafish Broadband Packages

Package Details Downloads Speeds
Contract Monthly cost
Madasafish Broadband Max

Free wireless networking kit, free unlimited email addresses and Static IP address

5GB8Mb12 months£9.99
Madasafish broadband Max Plus

Free wireless networking kit, Static IP address and Free 100MB of webspace

20GB8Mb12 months£19.99
Madasafish broadband Max Premier

Free wireless networking kit, free email virus protection and spam filtering

50GB8Mb12 months£25.99

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Madasafish - Consumer Reviews

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Madasafish Reviews

Reviewed by Jacky  on  2008-05-28

Madasafish offers great speed and their service is quite good. I have been a Madasafish customer for more than three years. Except some problems, the service has been good and their customer service is quite exceptional. I would recommend Madasafish to anyone.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Diana  on  2008-05-19

I won't recommend Madasafish to anyone. The service is degrading, speeds are dwindling and customer service is appalling. I have been a customer of Madasafish for two years, and the service has been when I signed up, however, it is not all the same for the last six months. Really disappointed.

Rating: Average

Reviewed by Tommy  on  2008-05-13

I am satisfied with the service, but the speeds are becoming slower at times. Customer support is commendable, they are promptly answering and their help is quite ok.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by George  on  2008-05-04

In the beginning, the service was good. Customer service is not at all satisfying. They could not solve the problem when I called them. It was a simple problem, but they did not understand the problem.

Rating: Average

Reviewed by Cornwell  on  2008-04-10

I am at a loss understand why speeds fluctuate on my connection that makes frustrating at times. Service quality is not bad. There were not major technical problems so far but I was made to wait too long to get replies from their customer service. Overall, Madasafish is good.

Rating: Good