EE Broadband

Orange Broadband now called Everything Everywhere gives you three simple ways of switching to fibre or broadband. First, you need to choose the best plan. Secondly, inform your provider that you have switched and finally give them your MAC code. Not just this! Other reasons to go with EE broadband are as mentioned below.


  • EE broadband or Fibre Broadband comes with a router that helps you and your family remain online all the time.

  • EE customers get McAfee anti-virus and parental controls free for a year.

  • Mobile phone customers of Orange, EE or T-Mobile get discount every month with Fibre Broadband and Broadband.

  • With EE films movies can be downloaded or streamed on to laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Enjoy 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesdays.

  • EE for business plans are available for small business, large business and public sector too.

  • Also, with ‘Combine and Save’ plan you can save a lot each month.


EE Broadband Packages

Package Details Downloads Speeds
Contract Monthly cost Details
Standard BroadbandStandard Broadband - from £22.50 a month £10 set-up fee 18-month contract. Average speed 10Mb/s
Unlimited **0MbNo Contract£22.50
Fibre Plus BroadbandFibre Plus Broadband from £30 a month FREE set-up fee 18-month contract. Average speed 67Mb/s.
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£30.00
Fibre Max 145 BroadbandFibre Max 145 Broadband from £40 a month £25 set-up fee 18-month contract. Average speed 145Mb/s.
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£40.00
Fibre Max 300 BroadbandFibre Max 300 Broadband from £48 a month. £25 set-up. fee 18-month contract.Average speed 300Mb/s.
Unlimited **0Mb18 months£48.00
** Fair Usage Policy applies.

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How does EE Broadband Compare with other Internet Service Providers?

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EE Broadband - Consumer Reviews

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EE Reviews

Reviewed by chris smith  on  2014-03-08

Recenlty signed up to EE Fibre Broadband, Very cheap broadband and unlimited data available.Excellent customer service.Speed is ok when compared to my dongle.On the whole it is Good.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Alex  on  2012-12-17

EE broadband - it is Good,their switching procedure is very simple

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Alex  on  2012-12-17

I am an Orange customer and great discounts are being offered to T-Mobile customers as well. Also, their switching procedure is very simple

Rating: Excellent