BT Unlimited Broadband
£5/mth for 12 months!

£5/mth for 12 months,Line rental £17.99,WeekEnd calls, Unlimited Usage.

Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls
£3.20/mth for 12 months!

£3.20/mth for 12 months,unlimited Wi-Fi, Advanced Security,Unlimited any time calls.

Phone Packages and Deals
Unlimited Anytime Calls

£7.95/mth + £17.99 /mth line rental Anytime Calls.12 month contract

BT Broadband

BT offers complete broadband to your home with its affordable pricing, reliable speeds and excellent features.

BT Vision is the top IPTV service in the UK with thousands of movies and TV shows is now available for just £30 for BT broadband customers.

Compare all the features of BT Total home broadband and business packages.

BT Total Broadband Packages

Package Details Downloads Speeds
Contract Monthly cost Details
BT Sport Pack FREE /mth with BT TV£3/mth with BT Broadband £19.99/mth without BT Broad
Unlimited **0Mb12 months£0.00
BT-New Broadband customerPhone line required. 24 month contract. New Broadband customers only. Online Only Offer.
10GB17Mb24 months£8.00
BT Broadband + LineLine rental from £15 (has to be standard line) and Unlimited usage
Unlimited **17Mb12 months£10.00
BT Broadband Unlimited + LineUnlimited usage and line rental £15.
Unlimited **17Mb12 months£17.00
BT Broadband Premium + Lineline rental £25. and Unlimited usage
Unlimited **17Mb12 months£25.00
BT Infinity + LineBT Infinity +line off in line rental From £15.and 50GB usage
50GB38Mb12 months£25.00
BT Infinity Unlimited + LineBroadband Rental £32, Line rental £15 and Unlimited usage
Unlimited **38Mb12 months£32.00
BT Infinity Premium + Lineline rental from £20 (has to be standard line) and Unlimited usage
Unlimited **17Mb24 months£40.00
** Fair Usage Policy applies.

BT Broadband

BT is one of the largest and oldest phone and broadband service provider in UK with their networks running across the length and breadth of the country. They offer numerous communication and data services like phone lines, home broadband, Mobile broadband, broadband bundles and Infinity broadband.

BT Total Broadband

BT Total broadband solution offers a wide variety of more flexible plans and includes a BT home hub that can connect multiple devices to the internet, security packages to protect your computer, 5GB of digital storage space, BT yahoo email accounts, unlimited anytime calling within UK, unlimited Wi-Fi access, free support 24/7 and free broadband installation for all new connections.

There are four different plans that can be chosen based on the requirement of the user all of which is offered as an 18 months contract and the speed of the connection would be 16Mbps. Broadband plus evening and weekend calls is offers 10GB of data allowance at £7 for the first three months and £14 per month from then. The broadband plus anytime calling plan also offers 10GB of data, but free service for the first 3 months and £16 per month from then. More Broadband plus calls offer 40GB of download allowance at £7.50 for the first three months and £18 later. BT also offers an unlimited broadband and calling plan at £20 for the first 3 months and £28 per month later.

BT Infinity Broadband

The Infinity broadband service of BT is offered using fiber optic cables to provide faster broadband access at speeds of 40Mbps facilitating faster online gaming, faster download and upload. These packages include greater upload speeds, BT router, free installation and advanced security software from McAfee. Users can avail the infinity plans as an 18 month contract at £20 per month for a max 40GB download or £25.60 per month for unlimited download. Bundled packages like BT infinity broadband plus calling is offers 40GB download allowance at £7.50 for first 3 months and unlimited plans at £20 for first 3 months.

BT Mobile Broadband

BT offers pre-pay mobile broadband packages with a one off cost for the USB dongle and 1GB free internet access. Existing BT customers can get the USB dongle at a one off cost of £40.99 and new customers can purchase the USB dongle at £61.30.

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How does BT Total Compare with other Internet Service Providers?

You can use our Broadband Comparison chart to find and compare the different broadband offers from UK ISPs. You may also find it useful to check our Cheap Broadband Deals to find the latest offerings from all the leading ADSL broadband providers in the UK.

BT Total - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

BT Total Reviews

Reviewed by John  on  2014-03-31

The BT NetProtect Plus is absolutely useful to my pc . BT Home Hub 4 is superb...

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Williams  on  2012-04-12

BT has been prompt and the line speed mostly consistent. Better than my previous provider.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Henry  on  2012-04-12

The customer service from BT has been really good. Bandwidth speed has been good even during peak times. Great reliability and great service.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Stephan R  on  2011-09-05

BT has been good when compared to my previous provider. Speed is also good. So far I have experienced only good. Touchwood!! Hope they keep up with their quality

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Sandy  on  2011-08-22

With a lot of hope to get better service, I joined BT. But sorry..I dont have anything really very special to say about them. Will have to wait for too long to get to know more about Bt. But as of now...I am not really very happy. I ma just waiting for something good to happen.

Rating: Average

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