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Salient features of BE broadband packages: BE offers two superfast broadband packages and an entry level package for light users. All packages offer unlimited download allowance!

With its ADSL 2+ technology, BE is one the UK broadband providers that offer super-fast service of speeds up to 24Mbps! Reliability, high-quality service and excellent customer support are the hallmarks of BE.

BE broadband packages rarely disappoint the customers who are led by the advertised speeds while choosing a deal. BE broadband is ideal for all, whether home users, businesses or online game enthusiasts.

If you do not wish to be tied into a 12 month contract, you can opt for the Unlimited or Pro packages. These deals will cost £2.50 more per month than the yearly contract, as well as a one-off  connection fees of £24, and require a 3 month notice of termination.

BE Broadband Packages

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How does BE Compare with other Internet Service Providers?

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BE - Consumer Reviews

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BE Reviews

Reviewed by Ellie  on  2012-04-20

I am quite happy with their service. Any interruptions are informed prior in advance. However, I'm unhappy with their advertised speed and actual speed they provide with. Surfing wireless does not provide good results.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Molly  on  2012-04-20

Better customer service, download speeds, installation speed and reliability of their services. Connection may sometimes go off during peak times.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Alexandra  on  2011-10-27

Please friends, avoid Be. To my experience, It's bad. There will be better providers than Be. Though I read through a lot of positive comments for Be on various sites, its not the case with be. Might be I am unlucky and some others are lucky.

Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Mike  on  2011-09-22

BE broadband is too good when compared to my previous provider. Though I stay a bit far from the exchange, the speed is good. The customer service too deserves applause. Good Going BE.

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Ann  on  2011-09-12

Avoid BE at all costs!!! I am facing frequent disconnections with no support from BE. They have one of the worst customer service centres too. Apart from the frequent disconnections, the speed is also to low. In addition to all these things, I am facing billing issue too. Avoid BE!!

Rating: Poor

BE Broadband News

BE Broadband has introduced a new unlimited broadband package on half price for 12 months following services being cut off of a customer over excessive usage recently. This package is available on one year contract only and will be availab

Be broadband provider is not yet sure whether it can provide the fibre broadband internet service by the year 2013. The service provider which is the sister enterprise of O2 has yet to introduce its fibre-based broadband offers. This implies that

Be broadband service provider is providing households in the UK the lucky chance to register for the End of Summer plan in order to enjoy internet service for half-price. The broadband service provider is providing a discount of 50% on the broadb

It has been claimed that the introduction of line bonding facilities have the capacity to enhance the broadband connectivity that commercial enterprises and other users have been availing. As per what BE Broadband has to say, the utilization of a

Be Broadband, one among the big wigs in the Internet industry has registered for the recent Internet Code of practice on impartiality of the net stated that it was imperative to safeguard the net. It said that subsequent to the heightened attenti

It has been reported that Be Broadband, the UK service provider, owned by O2, has extended its high-speed broadband network coverage. As per, since November 2011, Be Broadband has triggered unbundled ADSL2+broadband services at 17 tel

There is great news for Be broadband consumers who will be given an additional credit account for the each time they suggest their friend about their internet services. The BE broadband service provider that is possessed by O2 has planned to incr