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AOL Broadband offers generous incentives to the new customers. Get a free wireless router worth £50 on any AOL deal or just go for premier Wireless Plus to get a free laptop or PS3. AOL also offers great discount on its packages when you live within its network area or when you add AOL call plan to your broadband.

With AOL broadband, there is no need to be tied in by lengthy contracts. AOL Flexi broadband is no contract option for just £4.99 a month.

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AOL Broadband - Consumer Reviews

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AOL Reviews

Reviewed by Kristina  on  2012-04-20

Totally dissatisfied with AOL. Initial set-up with free gift were great. That's all. Speed drops very often. Calls to customer service are waste of time as both Irish and some overseas call centres couldn't help. Waiting to end this expensive 18 month contract. Avoid! Avoid!

Rating: Average

Reviewed by Joe  on  2012-04-20

Good customer service. Contacted them twice with technical queries which they replied. Found them efficient and knowledgeable. Been 5 years now and no complaints. Will surely recommend.

Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by paul  on  2011-10-31

do not answer telephone calls at all

Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Paxy  on  2011-10-28

OMG...what a horrible connection. Poor service and speed. Friends pls stay awat from AOL. I have never faced such a worse speed. Very Poor!!!

Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Lewis K  on  2011-09-23

Slow download speed, slow connection speed and high cost makes AOL one among the worst service providers. Their customer service section is even worse. Frequent disconnection is another issue I face. Total disgrace...waiting for my contract period o get over to migrate to another provider. Someone suggest the best please...

Rating: Poor

AOL Broadband News

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