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With 3 Mobile broadband, you can go online wherever you are. 3 Mobile Turbo networks allow you to get broadband speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. Just plug the USB modem dongle into your laptop and start browsing the net when you are on the move.

3 Mobile broadband offers come with flexible options that can suit your individual needs. 3 Mobile service is certainly for those who love choices - whether in monthly data usage or contracts. With monthly download allowances ranging between 1GB and 15GB, it is definitely a matter of choice depending on your needs. There is also plenty of Pay As You Go options, if you simply do not want to commit to 12 or 18 month contract.

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3 Mobile Broadband - Consumer Reviews

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3 Mobile Reviews

Reviewed by d morgan  on  2012-01-28

i got a 24 month contract of 15gb at 15.99 a month was great for me the speed is good its rare that the signal falls off so i cant connect to internet customer service is good to im on the mifi dongle i recomend it if you want to go anywhere with your laptop keep up the good work three

Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Rayhen  on  2011-10-17

Excellent dongle!!! This is one of the best dongles I have used. Good speed and better coverage. Even in the interiors, the speed is pretty good. Good going 3.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Kevin  on  2011-09-15

Toooo..Good!! I have renewed my contract for the 5th time. Good Speed, Good signals and no break downs so fas...migh be the reason why I decided to continue with them.

Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Senorita  on  2011-08-30

This is one of the best dongles I have used. I am getting good speed to in various areas as well. Compared to the connection that I used before, I must say that I ma really satisfied with my new provider as well as their dongle and the speed provided. The rates too are reasonable with the quality service you get. Good going 3!!!

Rating: Good

Reviewed by Paxy  on  2011-08-16

5 months back, if I had to rate 3 mobile, I would have given them all stars. But now, their speed have come down drastically. They have become worse than a dial up connection. I am planning to change my provider. Please somebody suggest and alternative provider that provides good speed as well as good service.

Rating: Average

3 Mobile Broadband News

One of the well-known mobile operators in the UK – Three UK has started sending message to their customers on EU Data Roaming Allowance boosting from the exisiting fair usage limit of 15GB to 19 GB on their 3G/4G services with effect from December

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Three UK recently conducted a survey in the month of May 2018 among small business management people of around 1000 in the UK. The survey revealed that most of the SMEs feel that mobile technology & internet usage on mobile phones than other devices

UK's big mobile operator, Three, is going to launch a major overhaul of existing infrastructure and preparation for the arrival of 5G tech, a multi-billion pound exercise. As the demand for data skyrockets o

Three UK has offered a new service- 'Go Binge', to nearly all customers on advanced 4G mobile plans and containing a data allowance of 4GB and more. Go Binge service offers unlimited data for streaming music

Mobile operator Three UK has announced a deal to acquire UK Broadband, which operates Relish Wireless, the fixed wireless broadband ISP having a 4G-based network running in Central London, Reading and Swindon. Three UK h

Three UK has finally enabled embedded Wi-Fi calling on its network for users of iOS and Android devices, that allows them to make voice calls or send text messages, using a Wi-Fi service and without the need of a third-p