Free Samsung N150 Netbook + Mobile Broadband 3GB


Vodafone is now offering Mobile Broadband with the Samsung N150 Netbook. The Netbook is a mini 10 inch device with basic PC protection and online backup. It includes a mobile broadband with a 3GB data allowance at £30.00 per month. All extra usage will be charged at £12.77 per GB. Roaming charges in Europe would be £9.99 per 24 hours with maximum usage of 50MB. Roaming in other parts of the world would include £25.50 per 50MB.

 Cost & Contract Details:

Laptop Details:

Package Details Downloads Speeds
Contract 1st year cost Monthly cost Details
Samsung N150 Netbook + 3GB
  • Free Samsung N150 Netbook with 3GB data usage.
3GB 24 months£30.64