Post office 8Mb Broadband Packages

Post Office offers its broadband standard plan for £16.30 each month. This is a simple and fast broadband and is 100% reliable.

Some of the features included in the package are:

  1. Download speeds of upto 8Mbps a month

  2. A simple-to-install free modem

  3. Monthly download allowance of 5GB that is ideal for surfing and email checking.

  4. Simple to use and no charges are applicable for connections

  5. Get 5 emails addresses for your family and a webmail with about 50 Mb of space.

  6. 100% free security with basic antivirus and anti-spam for email

  7. Easy process of switching

  8. £50 credit when you sign up before the 31st of March.

  9. A very short contract period of 12-months

  10. Cost-free connections – making it easier for you to get started.

  11. Download speeds of upto 8Mbps

  12. 24-hours of technical customer support

This package is simple and is just for those who are looking for a package suitable for light use.


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