Post Office Unlimited Business Broadband

Broadband Extra from Post Office is a package that is exclusively designed for those who want to surf more than the usual. This package is stuffed with variety of offers such as fast download speeds, unlimited monthly downloads, free wireless router and free PC security software.

Details of this package are as under:

  • Monthly payment: £21.40
  • £50 credit when signed up before March 31st
  • Download speed: upto 8Mb
  • Unlimited monthly downloads
  • Free wireless router
  • PC security software for free along with parental controls
  • 5 email addresses with webmail and webspace of 50Mb
  • No connection charges

Those interested may switch to Post Office by signing up before 31 March 2012 and avail £50 credit. This offer also applies to Post Office Broadband, Post Office HomePhone and Post Office Home Phone with broadband customers. The £50 credit will be credited to the customer’s account in 2 payments with £25 each. It can be obtained on 12 month contract period.

New customers

  • New customers with BT phone line must check if Post Office broadband is available or not
  • You can apply either online, over phone (0800 092 0514) or through local Post Office branch
  • On acceptance of your order, the broadband service will be established in two weeks time

 Switching customers

  • Customers planning to switch broadband and who have a BT phone line must make sure that their telephone line supports Post Office broadband service
  • They must also get a MAC code from the existing broadband provider
  • Customers can apply through local Post Office branch, online or through phone (0800 092 0514)
  • Post Office makes sure that their broadband service is activated within 2 weeks time

 Got cable line/ No phone line

  • Customers must make sure that they do not have any active BT line for Post Office broadband to be active
  • A new phone line may be installed or an old one may be restored
  • Customers can call on 0800 092 0514 to order for this broadband package
  • MAC code is not required if broadband is already available
  • Accepted orders will become active within 10 working days


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