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About BT Total Broadband Provider

BT Retail offers broadband packages to home users and businesses under the brand name ‘BT Total broadband’. A part of British Telecom (BT) which provides phone lines and a wide range internet based products across the entire UK, BT Retail is a group of BT broadband providers like BT Total, PlusNet and BT Business broadband division. Since BT has its own powerful infrastructure of phone lines and a wide-spread network of BT exchanges, BT broadband products generally do not subject to availability and you can get them anywhere in the UK.

After enjoying as a sole player in UK telecom market for a long time, BT is now facing a stiff competition with other leading ISPs like the Carphone Warehouse, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. This resulted in BT revamping its packages with new price structure, innovative products like BT Home Hub & BT Hub Phone and additional services like BT Vision & BT Fusion.

British Telecom (formerly BT Group plc) was formed in 1980. It went through many transitions during the years and currently it is the main landline phone provider as well as a provider of a variety of telecom services in the UK.

BT is the largest ISP in the UK and its non-UK business division, BT Global services operate in Europe and in more than one seventy countries across the world.

In the UK, it has many business divisions each responsible for different operation. BT Wholesale offers many ADSL broadband packages to the vast population of the UK via its BT broadband service providers and other ISPs. BT Openreach is responsible for the maintenance of BT lines and providing equal access to BT’s network for all rival operators who use Local loop bundling (LLU). BT Retail is the division of BT that offers consumer and broadband products directly to the end-users.

In 2007, BT introduced two divisions on managerial level - BT Design and BT Operate. The task of BT Design is to design and research the new products while BT Operate has the task of launching and operating the new products.

BT has also made significant acquisitions of companies like PlusNet and BrightView Group to expand its reach in the UK.  

BT Total Packages

BT Total broadband now offers four great value packages that will suit the needs of any home user. All options now come with a free wireless BT Home Hub. On top of this, the Hub phone is also included free with Options 3 and Anywhere. BT ToGo is also with the Anywhere package!

With BT Total broadband packages, you will get free broadband calls, free wi-fi minutes and excellent security features. All BT Total broadband packages offer 8Mb broadband.

Compare BT Total packages

Package Name Speed Download Limit Connection Fee Monthly cost Details
3GB for £13
3GB for £13 for new BT Broadband customers with a £30 Amazon or iTunes voucher
4GB for £15
4GB for £15 for new BT Broadband customers
15GB for £21
15GB for £21 (new BT Broadband customers) + extra speed
3GB for £8
3GB for £8 for existing BT Broadband customers with a £30 Amazon or iTunes voucher
15GB for £16
15GB for £16 for existing BT Broadband customers
4GB for £10
4GB for £10 for existing BT Broadband customers