WiMAX is to get 80 million customers in next five years

Friday, December 14th 2007

WiMAX is one of the technologies that allow mobile users to get broadband on their mobiles. Considered as an expensive technology, its penetration is still on lower levels in the UK. There remains another question – whether mobile WiMAX technology will be available at affordable costs for the users in the UK.

Pipex was the first ISP to introduce WiMAX services in the UK. Its successful trials were conducted in selected areas of the UK and later Pipex WiMAX service became FREEDOM4 a couple of months ago.

FREEDOM4 is currently one of the major WiMAX operators in the UK who has been expanding its network of this new wireless technology to other areas.

Despite the poor response to this new technology, a report from Juniper Research shows that WiMAX is set to become the dominant technology for mobile services after 2012 and there will be over 80 million users in the UK by that period.

WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is mostly used to deliver the last mile wireless broadband connection instead of the conventional ADSL or cable technology. It is an IEE 802.16 based wireless technology and provides larger coverage than a typical Wi-fi broadband access and hence WiMAX is considered ideal for wireless transfer of data over much longer distances.

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