WiFi Connectivity beckons Wordsworth Country

Thursday, March 10th 2011

The Lake District famous for having borne the legendary poet William Wordsworth, is all set to enjoy the benefits offered by a full-fledged WiFi (wireless broadband) service, free of charges.

To be preciser, a couple of areas of the Lake District, Falstone and Alwinton would be as per expectations, giving free wireless internet access to the tourists in one of the UK's most unspoiled regions.

The free Lake District WiFi scheme is being initiated by the Upland Local Action group that would mean torists could book accommodations by checking Google maps more conveniently. They can also twitter or blog about the wonders of nature in Wordsworth's style or in the style of other romantic poets.

A separate inititative will be have high-speed cheapest broadband service rolled out for helping the WiFi connection. to a rural market town located on the edge of a national park such as Rothbury, Wooler or Bellingham.

The initiative comes as part of a fresh drive by the Defra (Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs) for tackling isolation and poverty in the uplands of England.

It is worth mentioning here that many popular figures such as the Prince of Wales have for long lamented that areas such as Yorkshire Dales, Exmoor and the Lake District were in the danger of being neglected in the modern age for the lack of broadband internet access.

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