Southeastern railway announces rollout of free Wi-Fi on all routes

Thursday, March 8th 2018

The Southeastern train franchise has announced that passengers using its trains will be able to use free Wi-Fi on their travel onboard, thanks to a £78million investment scheme (supported by a government grant) to roll-out the system on its fleet of trains on Metro and Mainline, including its High Speed service. From 6th March free Wi-Fi service is being offered on trains and by June all trains are expected to get fitted, as two-thirds of the 32-strong fleet are already refitted with it.

According to a spokesperson Wi-Fi seeking passengers should look for 'Southeastern_WiFi' on their devices to avail of free access. There's no need to provide any email address and it will enable emails sans large attachments, enable access for smartphones and tablets, surfing the web and provide on train captive content, such as, timetable information, the spokesperson added.

Dedicated teams of the franchise are on its biggest engineering project, working to refit the trains with the wireless system at Ramsgate, Ashford and Slade Green, that will eventually be used across Sussex, Kent and South-east London. Train commuters will get a 50Mb daily allowance of data, but it is not designed for streaming content.

The engineering director Mark Johnson, remarked that they were thrilled to provide free Wi-Fi, as this is what passengers have been asking for. Secretary of State for business, energy and industrial strategy, Greg Clark MP (for Turnbridge), said although he had been pushing the franchise for Wi-Fi onboard, it took a bit longer than hoped, but was sure that for both regular and occasional commuters, it would be a valuable service on their journey time.

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