Phase 1 of the 4G and WiFi network capable of Gigabit speed completed in London

Thursday, April 19th 2018

The first phase of a new 4G and public Wi-Fi network being deployed in the City of London, has been completed. The small-cell based 4G and wide-scale Wi-Fi is claimed to have Gigabit speed capability, as part of a roll-out on a City of London Corporation contract.

City of London Corporation (CoLC) claims the multi-million pound project is one of the largest ever investments in London in wireless infrastructure that was first announced at the beginning of 2017. In the same year in April, the 15-year contact was awarded jointly to O2 and Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure.

The new roll-out is to replace the older Wi-Fi service provided by The Cloud (Sky Broadband), which is apparently much slower. The new infrastructure is using the Nokia Flexi Zone 4G platrorm. This hardware capable of being updated in future, to support 5G Mobile services, comes as small-cell distribution points and is intended to be installed on top of the city's street furniture.

The first phase has now got 50 small-cells deployed, with hundreds more to follow through in the coming months. As a CSS Metnet node maintains a 270-degree field view, only one is needed on a site, instead of multiple radios.

Cambridge Communications System (CCS) is one of the companies involved in the deployment work and announced that the first phase has been completed. The new network's backhaul is built on CCS Metnet. It operates on the 28 MHz band and is area-based and claims to have the world's first self-organising 5G microwave backhaul system.

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