Northamptonshire's Village Broadband ISP is set to expand rural network

Monday, December 9th 2013

The Village Broadband is a internet service provider for residents of Sixton, the rural hamlet in Northamptonshire. The firm provides services to neighbouring villages of Denton and Wollaston too. The ISP now has expansion plans to double its coverage, with no apparent help from the government's BDUK schemes.

As of today, Village Broadband is able to provide download speeds between 10Mbps and 15 Mbps, using their 5 MHz capacity Fixed Wireless Access network, supported by ISP Fluidata's fibre optic line. Some 3,500 businesses and residents are now with Village Broadband. The ISP started out some years ago as a local business distributing connections to local firms, from first a low speed 2Mbps leased line, that later got a ADSL2+ link. Afterwards, the provider used fixed line wireless technology to serve rural residential houses here and also continued to grow. A new 100 Mbps capacity fibre optic line was built for them in September of 2012 by Fluidata.

Although there's no sign of help from government initiatives like RCBF, or the £10 million Competitive Fund, Village Broadband is expected to double its size in the coming years and has just stared to make a profit, which is encouraging.

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