MSP for Free Broadband Access in Hotels

Wednesday, December 30th 2009

A Scottish parliament member (MSP) has called for considering free broadband internet access a must in every hotel operating in the United Kingdom. The MSP for Fife and Mid Scotland, John Park stated that the broadband provision should be part of the parameters for prsenting stars to sites.


The Press Association that had published the news said that Park has written to the British Hospitality Association and Visit Scotland and pressed them to back the free broadband internet campaign.

Park's comments further revealed that he personally wished to encourage each hotel in Scotland to provide their guests with free broadband internet service as standard. He added that it was all about providing a better service to the guests and turning Scotland to a more amusing destination for both business travellers and tourists.

It is also worth mentioning here that only in the first week of the month, had Freerunner, the public wireless broadband network, announced that it was all set to provide forty six communities across the United Kingdom with free WiFi services.

Incidentally, the villages and towns languishing in the broadband internet segment of the UK bugged with limited or no broadband service at all, were selected to participate in the project after the conclusion of a national competition.

John Park is the spokesman for Scottish labour's Skills and Economy.

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