Aberdeenshire to deploy 4000-point wireless network

Monday, December 12th 2016

The Aberdeenshire Council has signed a deal with Aerohive Networks for a wireless system with a network of 4,000 access points. The council aims to cover with this network its 170 schools and 50 other sites, which is Aeorhive's largest project to date in UK.

This council area of Scotland is focusing on expanding digital learning by strengthening infrastructure across its area with this deal. The network will be deployed across libraries, corporate offices and locations that provide public access to use council services and to underpin Aberdeenshire's myaccount portal. The 'Innovative Aberdeenshire' strategy adopted by the council last year puts an emphasis on using mobile technologies and acknowledges the need for faster broadband and wireless infrastructure as key elements.

Nicola Graham, who is head of services (ICT) at the council, said the move made is motivated by the increase in usage of digital devices in education, plus the increase in internet bandwidth by 50%, over the past 3 years, as more of council staff take to wireless tech.

Nicola Graham said their vision is towards digital and they evaluated what pain points are here to be addressed, but they also anticipated the requirement of their network in future. Recognising that their old kit was not designed to support e-learning, they also evaluated the use by corporate offices and public buildings and found the number of users requiring wireless access has greatly increased since the installation of the current wireless solution, she remarked.

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