ITSPA Awards 2018 announced

Friday, May 25th 2018

The Internet Telephony Service Provider's Association has declared ITSPA Awards 2018 on 24th May 2018.

ITSPA represents Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry in the United Kingdom. ITSPA had launched its tenth annual awards ceremony sponsored by Magrathea on 22nd January 2018. The time limit for registration and written assessments were given till March 29 followed by which shortlisting was done by independant experts panel in the month of April.

Yesterday, the tenth ITSPA Award Ceremony was held in the botanical gardens of Barbican Centre in London in the afternoon reception. The awards were presented for 12 categories which includes 4 new categories - Best Multi-national Solution, Best VoIP Vertical Solution, Best VoIPSoftware and Best VoIP Wholesaler to mark its tenth year celebrations.

The Awardees are as below:
Best Business ITSP (up to £2m) – VoIPstudio
Highly Commended: RPS Technology Solutions

Best Business ITSP (£2m-£10m) - Gradwell Communications
Highly Commended: Voipfone

Best Business ITSP (over £10m) - TalkTalk Business

Best Consumer/SOHO ITSP - Voipfone
Highly Commended: Gradwell Communications

Best VoIP Wholesaler - Gamma
Highly Commended: TelcoSwitch

Best VoIP Vertical Solution - TTNC – Countrywide Business System
Highly Commended: Hello Telecom – Contrex VoIP

Best VoIP Innovation - RingCentral – Cloud communications and Collaboration solutions
Highly Commended: Nuvias - Dovetail

Best VoIP Infrastructure - Netaxis Solutions – NEMO Suite
Highly Commended: aql

Best Multi-national Solution - RingCentral
Highly Commended: Orbtalk

Best VoIP Device - Grandstream Networks (GXP1760W WiFi IP Phone)
Highly Commended: Polycom (Trio 8500) Sangoma (s series IP phones)

Best VoIP Software – Foehn (Voxivo Cloud Phone System)
Highly Commended: IPCortex - Keevio

ITSPA Hero - Matt Townend, Cavell Group

Chair of ITSPA - Eli Katz said that he congratulated all the winners and highly commended companies at this award ceremony. This event was not mere a celebration but a recognition for the achievements of ITSPA and its members who worked for last twelve months.

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