Will Vodafone Profits Exceed Expectations This Year Too

Saturday, May 22nd 2010

The past financial year, ended March 2010, had been very fruitful for global network operator, Vodafone. Their annual net profits summed up to £8.65 billion, which was even more than what the company had targeted. These figures correspond to the world-wide profits. Moreover, the revenue had more than doubled than what it was the previous year with £3.08 billion.

The credit for the higher gains go to the increase in fixed line and mobile usage. Plus, the advent of high-end smartphones and other mobile devices have contributed to the increase in mobile broadband usage. Vodafone also started stocking the Apple iPhone in the UK at the start of 2010. A sales figure of 50,000 units was reported on the first day itself.

Can Vodafone expect to repeat the success story this year as well? Recently, the Indian wing of the broadband supplier, Vodafone Essar, (along with other international mobile network operators in the country) have been charged for use of mobile spectrum within the country. The charge incurred amounts to £2.3 billion for Vodafone. This might effect the annual profits of the company for the present fiscal year. However, nothing can be predicted for certain currently, as there are numerous mobile gadgets stepping into the market, which will definitely boost broadband usage, like the Apple iPad. Vodafone have already announced the offering of the Apple iPad on their network in Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK.

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