Vodaphone Meddles a Billing Error Correction

Friday, June 26th 2009

The UK internet service provider Vodafone last day, almost messed up a billing error attempt correction that it had attempted that resulted in charging the customers GBP 5 during their sign up to the free mobile broadband promotion package.


The resultant woes of the UK ISP were compounded as they tried to appease the affected 416 customers by mailing them a regretful explanation, recognising the fault over the email by engaging the CC method instead of the BCC method. This mistake in its turn, culminated into the exposure of all the private email addresses.


Vodafone LogoBCC, acronym for Blind Carbon Copy, conceals individual email addresses from the complete recipient list, while functioning, and allows the mailer to send mass emails without the risk of revealing the other recipients' email addresses. CC (Carbon Copy), in contrast to the BBC, exposes the address list of the other recipients as well.


Vodafone meanwhile, has expressed its apologies, apart from informing The Register that human error triggered the problem, and it was the first incident of the kind, they had ever come across. The ISP added that situations like the present one did happen, even though they were generally uncommon.

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