Vodafone’s new feature of hands free mobile calls through Amazon Echo

Thursday, June 13th 2019

Vodafone UK has come up with a wonderful feature to their customers where they can able to get and make calls via Amazon Echo Smart Speaker device with the help of linking their mobile number. They can use this feature using Alexa speaker with their existing mobile plans with the help of OneNumber feature.


Till now, when anyone wants to call using smart speakers with amazon devices, they can only make calls to other Echo owners or using Skype to link the account. However now Vodafone has made easy with a new feature where the customers can connect their mobile number to their Alexa account and make hands free calls under their mobile plans.


The best thing is that even if the mobile handset is not working due to various reasons, the users can make calls and it also supports emergency services. The users can select their Echo devices for which they want to get calls and turn inbound call ringing on/off feature at anytime. Under OneNumber feature, the users can share their data allowance, minutes and texts under their plans with multiple devices, as of now it covers Alexa and Apple Watches.


Getting Vodafone Calling Setup (Alexa App for iOS/Android):

The users can open the Alexa app and select Menu, then Settings and go to Communication. Click on Vodafone and select free subscription and update emergency address. Finally linking will be done automatically.


Consumer Director at Vodafone UK - Max Taylor said that they feel proud as they are the first operator to provide such service globally for their customers to stay connected very easily in alternative way. Now their customers can tap into their mobile call allowances and they can make or get calls using an integrated address book over Alexa devices.

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