Bradfield, first village to get 3G on Vodafone ROSS, in Yorkshire

Saturday, March 5th 2016

Bradfield, a village in Yorkshire, has become the first community in the county to be receiving 3G mobile signals, thanks to the Vodafone ROSS project. The village which comes under the Peak District National Park, had been suffering with unreliable coverage of mobile signals for a long time.

The ROSS (Rural Open Sure Signal) programme of Vodafone is a national scheme by the mobile operator to provide reliable mobile signal coverage, aiming to cover up to 100 communities falling in not-spot locations. Over 40 communities, from the Shetland Islands to Snowdonia mountains, are now on ROSS, since its deployment started in July of 2014. Using ROSS to plug not-spots in rural parts is part of a wider spend of around £2 billion, on enhancing network and services nation-wide, over 2014 and 2015.

ROSS units in the Bradfields area have already logged an average of 80 mobile calls daily, and also 6,000 data sessions per day. Chief technology officer at Vodafone UK, Jorge Fernandes, said as part of the ROSS programme they are committed to provide access to even remote locations, otherwise impossible to reach. The number of calls and data sessions supported by Bradford units daily, shows the significant benefit of this technology to members of the community, in an area where coverage was marginal previously, he pointed out.


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