Virgin’s TV Anywhere service launched in the UK

Thursday, November 8th 2012

Virgin Media has come out with a new internet TV service called the TV Anywhere that allows customers to stream programmes to various devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. This service requires UK customers to get a TiVo set top box. Also, customers having a basic package need to upgrade it to enjoy this service.

Reports say that TV Anywhere works only with broadband or Wi-fi connection and not with 3G or 4G phone networks as payment has not been made for the service. On the other hand, Sky Go which offers similar service streams both over 3G and 4G networks.

Virgin’s new TV service allows customers to enjoy upto 45 channels along with Sky’s movies and sports options. According to Virgin Media, this new program has been released in the US 18 months ago and that two-thirds of the customers already use catch-up services on their TV sets.

An app that can help both iPad and iPhone users to access this facility is available while PC users can enjoy it over the internet. A version for Android users will be released but not before 2013. An app for Windows Phone 8 and other devices will also be released in the future.

The TV Anywhere service is expected to do well with comparison to Sky Go service keeping in mind about the existing YouView service which also offers catch-up services through TV sets

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