Virgin Media reduces prices of broadband and phone bundles plan

Wednesday, April 10th 2019

One of the top ISPs in the UK – Virgin Media has announced that they have reduced the prices of their 108 Mbps based ultrafast broadband and phone package and charged at just £29 a month to their new customers. The package is being offered for a contract term of 12 months and thereafter charged at £47 with 6 Mbps upload speeds. There will also be one time set up fee of £25.


Their broadband and phone packages are:


VIVID100 (Average download speed of 108 Mbps & upload speeds of 6 Mbps) + Phone bundle at £29 ((original price: £32) per month for 12 months


VIVID200 (Average download speed of 213 Mbps & upload speeds of 12 Mbps) + Phone bundle at £34 ((original price: £37) per month for 12 months


VIVID350 (Average download speed of 362 Mbps & upload speeds of 21 Mbps) + Phone bundle at £39 ((original price: £42) per month for 12 months



The subscribers will expect to get a Hub 3.0 wireless router, unlimited usage, contract term of 12 months, internet security/parental controls, email, access to their Wifi hotspots, free weekend phone calls and customer support.


The above discounted rate will be available to order until April 28, 2019 for the new customers.

The ISP has also slashed their prices on some of their triple-play TV bundles also which can be taken along with broadband & phone.

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