Virgin Media moving its broadband users to TalkTalk, sans email address

Sunday, February 1st 2015

As a result of a sell up, Virgin Media will be transferring all their non-cable customers and home phone users over to TalkTalk, sans their “” email addresses. Virgin Media is in the process of force migrating its angry customers, numbering some 100,000, to TalkTalk's domain. These users have a year's time to take on a new substitute email address. However, the frustrated customers who do not wish to continue on with TalkTalk and choosing to move to a different service provider has only 90 days to change their email addresses from Virgin's cache.

The company' spokesman said, although they had explored the possibility to continue supporting the domain, none were found viable financially. The company is making guides and videos to help affected users to migrate to a free online email account, like a Gmail account, and also promises a seamless transition, without any connection break. On the other hand, many customers have been using this email address for years and it has become part of their online identity, using it for online banking, shopping and other services. Substituting with a new address is not easy.

Customers who don’t mind moving to TalkTalk will be automatically be transferred, without any voluntary action needed. However, TalkTalk is also under criticism by customers for poor service and related problems. Customers using Telegraph Money are not receiving the service they are entitled and many who tried cancelling were charged huge fees. The unintentional loss of the erstwhile email address will infuriate many, many customers.

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