Virgin Media intends to bid for 4G spectrum

Thursday, December 8th 2011

Virgin Media will participate in the 4G spectrum auction scheduled for the end of 2012.

The auction will be for 800 MHz and 2.6GHz frequencies. The low frequency 800 MHz spectrum is what is wanted by the mobile operators because it can penetrate buildings. This along with 4G technology will provide the mobile users with excellent broadband connectivity.

MAC Migration Authorization Code (MAC) will then be a story of the past.

But it is doubtful whether the auction can take place as scheduled. There has been opposition for the auction. Established providers like BT, Vodafone and O2 have complained that Ofcom, the industry regulator to conduct the auction, is protecting the interest of certain providers.

Assuming that the auction goes on as planned and that Virgin Media comes out successful in the bid, it is not known as to how it will use the spectrum, though it has stated that it will be offering a ‘femtocell’ device. The purpose of the device is to enhance the voice performance and data performance of the phones indoors by utilizing the existing fixed broadband connections.

If the auction is delayed on any account, Ofcom will face trouble as Digital Communications act which is likely to be revived will reduce the powers of the regulator.

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