Virgin Media in Q2 added 42,700 subscribers to its ultrafast network

Saturday, August 6th 2016

Virgin Media has revealed that the company has attracted an extra 42,700 broadband subscribers to connect to their network, which is progressing on the Project Lightning initiative that aims to reach 500,000 new premises in UK.

According to the provider's latest trading statement, subscribers were added between April and June 2016, with some 85,000 properties connected in Q2 to Virgin Media's ultrafast network. That brings the overall broadband subscriber base to a total of more than 4.8 million for the telecoms operator. The provider hopes this will grow to 17 million premises/subscribers having ultrafast access, by the year 2019.

Virgin Media's £3 billion network expansion will deliver speeds of up to 200Mbps to households, which is more than twice faster than what Sky, BT or TalkTalk offers at maximum speeds. The provider points out that businesses will benefit from speeds of up to 300Mbps, which is nearly four times faster than what the competitors offer as maximum speeds.

Chief Executive of Virgin Media, Tom Mockerige, said more businesses and homes are moving to the better ultrafast fibre broadband service offered by their company, as customers are fed up with slower speeds coming via the ageing national telephone network.

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