Customers of Virgin Media get Plume Adaptive WiFi at discounted price

Sunday, June 2nd 2019

The UK ISP Virgin Media has informed that they have introduced an offer to selected customers of Broadband and TV network who can sign up to get Plume Smart Home service bundle at a discounted price. The service offers the customers to receive AI and Cloud based Wifi boosting kit. Earlier this year, TalkTalk had offered for this device.


Now the customers can get Plume’s mesh style system for £99 per year, independently of any ISP. The kit contains several SuperPod devices of which one will be connected to Hub 3.0 router with the help of an app to manage them.


The service includes customisable guest access, parental controls and other security features. However only selected customers of the ISP will be asked to sign-up to the device Plume for which they will get a notification through email or logging into My Virgin Media account. There will be various options available for those customers and also a 3-pod Plume package at £6 a month.


VM Executive Director of Connectivity - Richard Sinclair said that Virgin Media is always looking for making Britain with faster connectivity. They keep working on to find out innovative ways to improve better connectivity for their customers. Plume is one of them to offer to their selected customers.


CEO of Plume - Fahri Diner said that they feel happy as Plume has become part of Virgin Media’s offer to make their customers to enjoy the best Internet experience with reliable total home Wi-Fi device. The combination of Virgin Media’s broadband with Plume’s services will for sure bring best solution for a smart home.

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